Thursday, May 7, 2009


Did I tell you that I sold two prints from the Multiple Strategies show? I did and tomorrow we have to go take the show down so money for one of the prints came in the mail yesterday. Woo! Which means I was finally able to get my car fixed, there was something wrong with one of the screws in the wheel. I dont really know. So while it was in the shop today Mark and I decided to walk up to Koffena and get a refreshment. Then we thought we would head down to check out Wildberry, the Juniper and by then we were hungry so we went to Skippers for some gyros(Ummm delicious by the way). And while we were eating I got a message from my friend that her print was in the photolab so I could go get it, and a call letting me know that my car was ready. So we thought we would walk down slant walk over to the art building and then up Spring to the car shop. And my questions is why cant it be like this all year. Miami is so beautiful when everything is green and in bloom and people are so much happier.

Here are two of my favorite notes on the wall in Koffena's bathroom ..

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