Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Workspace

I have a inbox full of student emails, a stack of ungraded portfolios on the kitchen table, 4... no 5 projects I am working on, 100 pages of African Art History to read and a pizza sounds delicious.

If you were wondering this is what an extremely busy art students desk looks like in the middle of the semester.

Have a look

Kurt Halsey has some new stuff up.

How do I go about getting a job like this?

Friday, October 24, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

My awesome problem.

This summer I had to get rid of a large chunk of my clothes because I could no longer fit them, in the good way. This is awesome, however, it also means that a lot of the necessities I had covered last year I no longer have. I was aware that I was painfully limited on warm clothes a couple weeks ago but it wasn't annoying until today. I was cold all day. I came home and put a pair of Mark's long underwear on, and a pair of adidas pants and then pulled on my fleece. And that about covers the catalog of warm clothes I have. Looks like 3/4 long sleeve t-shirts and jeans aren't going to cut it. Pretty soon it will be more than annoying it will be horrible. So looks like I am going to have to get some new stuff soon. Until then I went fantasy internet shopping at all the stores that are out of my price range. J.Crew, Anthropolgie, Banana Republic annd Dick's Sporting goods.

At this point I would like to say that I really dislike most of the images companies use to display their designs.
And I already have boots but these were to awesome to pass up.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I am going to have to run tomorrow

I made my first ever apple pie today and to tell you about it I made a scrapbook kind of image, but since I can't post any pictures bigger than this on here you will have to go over to my flickr if you would like to read it.


Have you ever noticed that when you aren't by a computer you think of all of the awesome things you could look up with it. Then as soon as you sit down in front of one your mind goes blank? I do this all the time. Then as soon as I walk away I remember and think to myself, next time. I have been doing this with blog post lately too. Last night I remember have something to post about while I shampooed my hair, now I got nothing. I think my mind is so in awe of the shiny screen all thoughts are just an annoyance that need to be pushed out of the way.

Anyway. Thats why I haven't posted recently. I can't think of anything I feel like saying when I am basking in the glow of my macBook.

My favorite was the Lonsome Ghost level

As the generations who grew up with the original Nintendo NES come in to "adult hood" I have noticed that my friends not only reminisces about the movies, cartoons and music they listened to growing up but also the video games they played.

I of course remember Super Mario Brothers and Duck hunt but my house really didn't have that many video games growing up. Mostly we rented, very rarely did I own a video game. However, there is one video game that I remember. I remember each level and the graphics and the music for some of it. It of course was a Disney game, and if you never played it I am sorry for you.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Once more with happiness

While we were home over the weekend Mark downloaded something that took 5 second, when we got back to our house he downloaded it on to his computer and it took 13 minutes, literally. So I once again had to call be put on hold for 30 minutes (40 minutes less than last time) to be told they could do nothing for me over the phone and would have to send a guy out.

He showed up early, was very happy and cheerful and explained everything he was doing completely reset up our network for us and now the internet is working how it should. Not how I was expecting things to turn out. After four different guys coming out pissed off that they had to do something and not doing anything I was sure this was going to be more of the same. I am glad to find out the cable company isn't completely full of lazy jerks.

When he walked in the first thing he said was "Wii Fit ALRIGHT!" after looking around he asked, "are you an artist"? I must be doing something right if he can tell I am an artist by just looking around the house.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

All little bunnies have to learn about Gods and Generals sometime.

Mark and I had some time where we had nothing to do, so we had to think of something to do. We kidnapped some of his mom's bunnies and Mark read God's and General's to them.

I was going for the whole princess in the woods conversing with the animals thing. But in my version it is the prince and he is teaching them important things like history.

Revolution Tea

Last year when it started getting cold I started drinking coffee to keep me warm. I soon realized that I needed coffee more and more to get me through my day, which I didn't like.

This year I decided to go with tea. Miami sells individual tea bags from the coffee shops and they come in this cute little box. Awesome! They also give you individual little things of honey.

It is all about the packaging for me and the little box with the cute sachet tea bag with my own personal honey sells me completely.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


I found out that Fabriano makes more than classic artist journals.....

Oxford in the Fall

When the weather is like this it is so hard to believe that at some point it will be 20 degrees and covered in snow.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Paris Mood

I have a couple moods I can count on having every couple months. These moods have to do with were I would like to live. Most of the time it is someplace warm like Savannah, Austin, or San Fransisco for example.

And about once a year I really want to live abroad. Right now I am in the mood to live in Paris. Specifically the 2nd arrondissement area. I saw a couple of blog posts about people who have visited recently, or who are planing on living in the area. I looked through the photos once and decided thats where I want to be.

Who knows if we will ever live in any of these places. But I at least hope I get to visit all of them once.

This is the Paris I wanted to see. The one with funky shops and covered streets.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Keep on the sunny side

The other day I stopped by to talk to one of my favorite professors and when I walked in he complemented my yellow shirt and said it was a great color for me. And then I said, "Yeah. Yellow is kinda my new thing". I had no idea where that came from, but then I realized that yellow really is my new thing. I am loving everything yellow right now. Maybe its fall and the changing of the leaves. I don't know.

Super 8 Camera Print - John W Golden

Sunny Yellow Ring -By SweetLifeSpiral

True Love

Almost all of my classes require me to turn in a sketch book at the end of the semester. I have been trying to find the perfect sketchbook for me. Last semester I bought a Moleskin and I liked it. But it wasn't great. I really liked the size but the hard cover is a little too restricting and the type of paper that was in it wasn't the best.

This semester I bought a large Strathmore sketch pad. And I like the large paper for brain storming, plus it is very heavy paper so nothing bleeds through to the other side. However, it is really inconvenient to carry around with me all the time, so when I have a great idea I don't have anywhere to write it down.

I think next I am going to try out this Fabriano Classic Artist's Journal. These have way more pages in them, plus I like the idea of the altering cream and white color pages.

I think everyone had their perfect match when it comes to sketchbooks. Mine is still out there somewhere waiting for me to find it.

Monday, October 6, 2008

October 2008

We went to the Apple Butter Festival yesterday. It was fun. We watched a blacksmithing demonstration, a rug weaving demonstration, and some guy with no shirt and peices of leather hung over his jeans pretend to live in a wigwam. Very interesting. We also got some just made kettle corn, we had to leave the apple butter behind though because we only had two dollars and that went to the kettle corn. Totally worth it.

I took this picture on the way home.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Don't look Uncle Duck

I forgot to post this before.

In case you were wondering this is how we would spend our nights during the week of no power.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

It's only ten?

Today was one of two mandatory excursions I have to take for my African Art History class. I spent most of the day in a Miami Van going to and coming back from Indianapolis. We went to see the Art museum's collection of African Art. Which was lovely and much more interesting now that I know something about what I was looking at. We rolled out around 8:45am and got back around 4:30pm, and for some reason all art students get extremely busy at the exact same time so we were all pretty grumpy by the time we got back. After the hour tour was over all of our minds clicked over to all of the other stuff we had to get done today and we wanted to be home NOW. Next week is the Cincinnati art Museum which wont be nearly as bad.

When I got home Mark made me dinner and then we went on a lovely fall walk. Which was a nice break. I have been doing homework since then and expected it to be at least midnight when I looked up at the clock. Nope ten pm. I think I might have to go to bed, at ten on a Saturday night.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Handy Man

It all started last year when Mark told me he would like to make t-shirts and I responded with a "well, why don't you"?

I think he has taken that to heart we started Teal Town selling those t-shirts, he has made his scooter go from not running, to running with a bunch of stuff wrong, to fixing everything. Including the broken speedometer.

He also fixed broken light fixtures, and sockets at his parents house this summer and installed a new light fixture in the basement for his Daddy-o.

Plus all the other stuff I am forgetting right now.

Pretty impressive.

Well. This morning when we got in the car to drive to the bus stop, yes, thats what we do. It didn't turn on. After I called Dad and explained what it was doing he said it needed a new battery. So what did Mark do he installed a new battery. He said it was easy, but I would have no idea where to start. The car is now running again, because of Mark. What would I do with out him.

Maybe I should start thinking "well, why don't you" more often.

One of the greats

He had some pretty amazing pictures taken of him.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I think I know what my Pumpkin is going too look like this year.

Via Poppytalk

I love my computer

Have you downloaded the new iTunes? The genius feature is pretty sweet. It allows you to pick one song, you click the genius button and then it creates a play list based on the song you picked. It works really well.

I chose the song Silver Lining by Rilo Kiley, the following is the play list it made for me.

Boy with a Coin by Iron & Wine
Two by Ryan Adams
Your Ex-Lover is Dead by Stars
The Sound of Settling by Death Cab for Cutie
If She Wants Me by Belle & Sabastian
Shadowplay by The Killers
Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy
Girl by Beck
The Little Things by Colbie Caillat
Samson by Regina Spektor