Friday, August 31, 2007

Miami Metro

I love riding the bus. There is something calming about it for me. Last year was our first year on campus and we did everything we could to avoid the bus. Parked in distant parking lots, suffered unbelievably outrageous parking fines, and constantly feed parking meters. Basically it was nothing but a big pain in the ass to have a car on campus.
This year we have embraced the bus. I have one night class and usually Mark drives out to pick me up after since this involves no parking. But this week he was at work so I headed over to the bus stop and enjoyed the night air. We live just on the edge of campus so it took a while to get to where I needed to be and that was O.K. I didn't have to worry about traffic or which way would get me home the fastest. I just sat back and got some reading done. I must say I really do love riding the bus.

About the photo:
Even though it looks decades old I took it last Monday. I'm back to using film for my photography class and wanted to find out what I could do with my crappy scanner and my film negatives.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Today in the now

Today shall hence forth be remembered as the day Samantha received free tuition to M.U. one of the most expensive public colleges ever. At least for this year, it remains to be seen if next year shall be paid for by the university or Samantha.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

I called him Frank

Mark and I went out to lunch today and as I was enjoying my Tuscan Chicken sub I looked down to see this happy little guy smiling up at me. He was delicious.

Assignment three from Superhero Journal

My Universe

It was so hot today that while I was walking around campus asphalt melted to my shoes. Not stuck. Melted. Literally adhered itself to my shoes. I had to ply it off with my thumb nail and when I was done there was gooey residue of the melted tar coating my thumb.

So while I am going through out my day I am thinking. O.K. Winter is going to be here soon. I need to get some new sweat shirts. And winter shirts. Oh, and I need to get one of those sweater shavers. Man that girl looks really cute in just a pair of jeans and a black shirt. I should buy some plain black shirts and white shirts. Go for that classic look this winter. But if I do that I need to get a lint roller. Black loses all of its appeal if it is growing fuzzies.

This is what I am thinking as I walking around in 104 degree weather. Not why the shit is that girl wearing jeans and a black shirt when it is 104 degrees outside? Or, I really need to get one of those free bottles of water the university has placed in huge bins of ice all in "five spots through out the campus" to keep students from dropping like flies, because if they didn't they end up in the news looking all bad because they didn't care enough to keep their students well hydrated. Even though it is a university so 17/18 should reasonably be the youngest age of an enrolled student, and don't you think by now they should now how to take care of themselves?

Nope. None of that is what I am thinking. Until... I go back and think about my day and tell myself what should have been running through my head. What can I say? The two things I was born doing well have always been a) planning a head and b) constantly arguing with myself about my own.... everything. Actually, that is probably what I was doing while I was being born. O.K. I gotta get some food....... Shouldn't you be more worried about this whole birthing thing that is going on right now?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Photography II

On the subject of Anne Geddes:

Student: My boyfriends Mom tried to imitate her and got her baby daughter stuck in a watermelon..... can you imagine getting your baby stuck in a watermelon!?

Professor: Yes, yes I can.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Lunches and apperances

My Bento Box came in the mail today! Unfortunately, tomorrow is not a day where I am on campus for lunch. Which I guess I wont let myself be to upset about since Mark didn't receive his today, so he wont have to remain on campus and envy my perfectly packed lunch. Plus, I didn't get home until eight tonight so going to the grocery didn't sound like that much fun.

In other news I had the first person stop me because of my photography. Tim picked me out of the crowd the other day on my way to Botany. We have been contacts on flickr for a while and have taken pictures in many of the same places, or noticed that we were both in the same place at the same time from our pictures. Just another reason out of many the internet is awesome, or what living in a tiny college town is like.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Fall Semester 2007

Classes have resumed and I am tired. On the first day every professor has to go over their syllabus with their students and all of them feel the need to include a "Class Objective" section, it uses words such as organize, develop, and prioritize. In short it is a mission statement for the class. So I thought I would come up with my own Semester Objectives. They say if write your goals down you are some percentage more likely to achieve them.

Fall Semester 2007 should be enjoyed. I will no longer think of sleep as a wonderful/holy experience/blissful state etc. and therefore not feel the need to be asleep for 80% of the day. I will also develop a correct sleeping habit and make it to all of my classes on time. I will also organize my to do list making homework and unfinished projects my priority. X-Files, and flickr can be indulged in after all school work is completed. I also resolve to have more tea, as it has been found to relieve stress. On top of all of this I will have fun this semester and enjoy college life.

Friday, August 17, 2007


With the begining of classes comes the hords of students, so we are leaving town for the weekend.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

That Special Feeling

Classes start next Monday and part of me doesn't feel like summer break has even started. Summers aren't the same as they were when you grow up. Some how I lost the magic of summer. Maybe I need my mom here to kick my ass outside and tell me to go do something. Or maybe when my time comes to be a Mom my kids will help me find that magic again.

I had completely forgotten what classes I had signed up for so I printed out my schedule a couple days ago. I immediately noticed that none of my classes start until 11am. Sweet. And then I noticed that my 1st class runs from 11am to 1:45 pm. Suck. My second class starts at 6pm and runs until 8:45 pm. Double suck. I was throughly depressed about how I would be spending my future Tuesdays and Thursdays. Then I noticed that my morning class in my one and only photography class that I get to take this semester. Sweet. Then I realized that my evening class is jewelry design and metal making. Double sweet. There is nothing better than being an art major.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Appliance Uptight

We have been married for two weeks and two days now, but we have been living in this house for eight months. Gasp, yes... living in sin. I was really worried there for a while because I had no desire what so ever to have anything to do with cooking for those eight months. We lived off angel hair pasta and Classico's Four Cheese sauce for at least four of those eight months. The rest of them we ate as all college students should. Pizza and cereal. My dreams of being Little Mrs. House Wife were beginning to quickly diminish. While, yes, I want my own career and to be recognized for me and not just Mark's wife, or Little Jimmy's Mom. I also as a women feel the need to have a clean house and be able to cook a edible meal that consist of more than just two ingredient and 20 minutes work time tops.
Turns out I am not housewife challenged, I just need my kitchen to be filled with fancy things before I feel like being in it. When I say "fancy" I mean, while they were very much appreciated, not those old baking trays that Mark's mom no longer wanted. Or the crappy wooden spoons I got from WalMart for a $1.29 that gave me splinters. This also makes me realize yet again I would not have lasted on the Oregon Trail. Since I need a George Foreman to make me feel addiquit in the kitchen I am sure my family would have been dead long before we got to the part where dysentery got to us.

These past couple days I have been pretty pleased with the meals that are coming out of my kitchen. Tonight we had Angel Hair Pasta with Fresh Tomatoes courtesy of Columbus Foodie. We got our tomatoes from the local "Mini-Farmers Market" that they hold every Tuesday night Up Town. Couldn't find the shallots though, it was delicious even with out them. The perfect cool summer night pasta.

Monday, August 13, 2007

From the Tree Tops

As all college students are we are poor. I had hoped after the wedding I would be able to help our situation by finding an upstanding establishment that would be willing to pay me for my services. When it comes to services I am multi-talented. Cooking, cleaning, organizing, listening to people whine about their "problems" with the upstanding establishment, standing on my feet for 8 hours, or sitting on my butt for 8 hours.
However, despite the multitudes of "Now Hiring" signs posted in the windows Up Town no one actually seems to be hiring. I have spent many hours in the past few days filling out applications. After handing in my well written and meticulously thought out two pages I go home to wait for two or three days, after which I call where ever I have happened to currently be begging for a job. I am quickly informed that they are done hiring where they would need me. Oh. I'm. Sorry. But. Probably. That.... would have been a nice thing to know before I took the time to fill out your stupid application that forced me to think critically about my favorite color, and what I enjoy about coffee.

After a busy day of not finding a job Mark and I went out on the town where I completed assignment three from Superhero Journal.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

SPC: Pattern

This is my first official Self Portrait Challenge

I love this scarf but I hardly ever wear it. While I am surrounding myself in bright cheerful colors on the walls of my house I never accessorize with them. Maybe its time to bring out the scarf for more than just pictures.

Sippin' Coke Zero

In newlywed life you are still excited every time you open your cabinets and see all of your gleaming new things sitting there waiting for you to use them.

As far as drink wear goes, these are pretty much top of the line exciting as you can get.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bride's Biscuits

I got married and now I feel the need to start a log of my married life adventures.

Here's to hoping life as two is more interesting then living as one.