Thursday, December 16, 2010

Our Snowy Street

This is our first winter in the apartment, and now that we have a little space heater we move from room to room with us to keep it toasty, I am enjoying it a lot more. I love how much our street changes with the seasons and they are all beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. We are happy campers.

 I asked Mark if we could dig out and go to the grocery today. I was craving "the best soup ever" I found the recipe during my art school days and it really is the best soup ever. 

It is  hearty and healthy which is nice, plus there is alway so much left over we can eat for a week (I love this part because I hate to cook). Whenever I took this to the studio and warmed it up everyone came around to find out what was smelling so good. My home cooked food and YES it is delicious thank you!

Check out the recipe here.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Winter Storm Is On The Way.

Cincinnati is hunkering down and bracing for all the snow they say is coming. This print sums up my feeling perfectly on the matter. 

A Fun Seasons Greetings

I have been taking short video clips of my favorite things this season because it always goes by way to quickly. I put together this quick happy "hello" last night as I was going through the footage. I kind of love it. (The images from yesterdays post were taken from this video.)

Hope your holidays are warm and merry. 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snapshots from the past few days: Christmas Style

1. Our Vintage Felt Japanese Ornament Christmas tree. 
2. There is something strangely romantic about radiators 
don't you think? Especially when they are 
lit by the glow of the tree lights.
3. My lil'sis. The one with the green eyes. 
4. Mom's has garland and white christmas lights running
the length of the mantel this year. Beautiful
5. Mom, Dad and Haley all decorating the tree 
during the annual family christmas tree decorating 
Makes me feel a little grown up. 


Monday, December 13, 2010

Digital Photography 101: How To Take Better Pictures

Lots of people have told me that they are horrible at taking pictures and they wish they could be a better photographer. My response is always, you can be! Photography is all about trial and error. Taking a photo usually goes something like this in my head:

"OH! I like that over there. I am going to take a picture of it .....*click*.... ohkay, that looks like nothing..... let me try it this way...*click*..... and like this *click, click* and this way.....*click, click, click* annnd maybe that way *click*" and so on until I get the picture I want.

Thats me!
The two best things about Digital Photography are: one, you can take as many pictures as you want without wasting film/money, two, you can see exactly what your image looks like as soon as you take it. You're going to know if it is good or not right then, why not take that same picture in a slightly differently way until you get something you like. Now there are going to be times that no matter how many times you *click* you're not going to be able to find something, but thats OK. Good picture or not, every one you take is sending you on your way to taking better pictures

Picture Taking Tips:

  • Change your position, try taking the same picture up close and far away take a couple in-between too. Then try standing on a chair, or use the floor as your tri-pod. Also, make sure not every shot has your subject directly in the middle of  your image.
  • Natural light is the most beautiful light of all. It will always look better than a flash that is attached to your camera.
  • Check your borders. When I first started every time I took a picture I forced my eye around all the sides of the frame making sure there was nothing weird sticking in or something very important sticking out.  

Checking my image. 

Don't stress about being able to remember everything at once. Focus on one idea at a time. Once you have that mastered move on to the next and so on and so on. 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday's (today's!) Happy List

1. Lilly all wrapped up after bath last night. 

She was wrapped so tight she might have fallen over in to the tree. All I can say is you have never seen anything cuter than a very composed
very lady like bulloxer trying to get herself out of that mess. I may have also laughed, but only for a second.

2. Sydney

I have fallen in love with her blog and her style. 
3. Free Typography Gift Tags

 download via: eat drink chic

4. Our Red Robin Lupper

We have been living on an air mattress for the past.... well, while. Today we bought a brand new proper mattress and it is being delivered tomorrow! We went to celebrate with the Red Robin Crispy Chicken Sandwich and never ending fries. YUM.
5. My new winter coat (it has a hood!)
It is my mother-in-laws and I really do love this coat. She wore it around the streets of Prague when they went. I feel like that makes it extra special. Mostly because it looks like it belongs in Prague. 
Thanks Donna! 


Friday, December 10, 2010

The Bestest Girl In The Whole World


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gift Guide: Tea Time

Via: bitty blueberry <-------- has the most adorable baby ever right now.

Flickr Updates

Flickr has created galleries for their creators to use. 

What is a gallery?

For whatever you find interesting, fascinating, or mind-blowing on Flickr, galleries are a way to curate up to 18 public photos or videos of your fellow members into one place. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the creativity of your fellow members in a truly unique way around a theme, an idea or just because. 

How do I make a gallery in flickr?
To create a Gallery just go to a photo or video that you want to add and click the "Add to a gallery" link within the Actions menu. From here you can create a new gallery or add the image to an existing one.

Find out more about flickr's galleries here

See Tiffany's  RVA gallery here

Thats me! 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What Are Your Best Holiday Traditions

Hello there! My family has a bunch of  holiday traditions and I thought I should share a couple because they make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Care to join me?

my family's favorite holiday traditions  
baby cokes
christmas tree decorating night
grandmas cheese ball 
making our gingerbread men stunt doubles
cheesy mashed potatoes 
muppet christmas carol
mexican wedding cookies
video game marathons
martha's eggnog 
christmas day shrimp feast

I am thinking about adding a new holiday tradition to our family's christmas this year. The Annual Holiday Party Photobooth! I was rather perplexed about what to use as a backdrop though. Then Elsie posted this christmas photobooth 1o1 idea  pictured above. They simply use streamers taped to the wall to create a unique background.

I love the internet. This is the perfect solution! It creates a fun holiday feel while needing minimal supplies, which means it is simple, I like simple. 

I am sharing my family's holiday cheer and you can spread your's too! Blog a list of your familys favorite traditions and choose five friends to share with. Ask them to do the same.  Feel free to spread the warmth and fuzziness with me. Copy this challenge into your friends blog comments or twitter and don't forget to leave them a link to your post. 

I would love to see your list please post your links in the comments.

Style File: Men's Winter Fashions

Buying boy clothing is more than a little intimidating for me. I don't know anything about sizing, what is good what isn't? Accessories? No idea. 
This year I would like to be able to buy the Hubs a Christmas present with a little fashion sense to it so I have started research. I really like the Fall Winter collection from Dundee this year. The mix of earthy colors and the city aesthetic keeps pulling me in. Not too sure about the pants and shoes though.  

What are your favorite boy fashion finds?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Christmas Card from Lilly

Hi guys!

It got really cold and now there is white stuff on the ground and a thing that Mom and Dad call a Christmas tree in the living room.  I like to sit close to it because it makes me feel all toasty. Mom said that all of that means its Christmas.

Happy Christmas!!!!


Ruche Winter Lookbook 2010

Via: the drifter and the gypsy 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fashion Help: Annie Hall Style

via: thats chic

Our trip to Phoenix was rather magical.