Sunday, February 24, 2008

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Art for everyone

I have wanted Keri Smith's Guerilla Art Kit for a while now but every time I think about buying I remind myself that it would probably be better to be able to eat than have another book. I recently noticed Andrea's post about a project she did over at Hula Seventy. I don't know if it is he pictures that accompany the story or the wonderful messages they left but this is is the closest I have come to buying the book yet. Then I thought about going out side and changed my mind. Maybe when spring rolls around this can be my "I finished this semester present" to myself.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Flickr Favorites

1. Let's get out of this town tonight...., 2. Untitled, 3. dreasailor, 4. faux vintage, 5. the tooth fairy has a private entrance, 6. adie loves polly, 7. Red Leaf Studios, 8. Red Leaf Studios, 9. vintage, 10. ds11, 11. ds12, 12. Ani & I, 13. Into the blue, 14. lanky, 15. 200758, 16. 23/366, 17. 355: 1.21.08, 18. ., 19. altered church 2 (Large), 20. Christian Montenegro "Rockero glamm", 21. Almost Done!, 22. Park Hyatt morning shot, 23. South of the Border Man, 24. Copper mining and sulfuric acid plant, Copperhill], Tenn. (LOC), 25. big pink, 26. the end of consumerism., 27. Lessons learned, 28. the winter garden 1/12/08, 29. snowing, 30. Bubble Fantasy II, 31. Untitled, 32. Homage to J.M. Barrie (repost), 33. cosmos, 34. Untitled, 35. Sound of Music, 36. Dara The Monkey

Saturday in the land of cleve

We had a busy Saturday in Cleveland.

Adam and Kendra took us out to The West Side Market to ogle at all of the yummy food.

These were taken while standing on the overlook where everyone enjoys their food after they have tired of walking around. The light was pretty amazing.

Here is Mark enjoying his Gyro. We waited about fifteen minutes for these and they were totally worth it. I need to stop thinking about them because we might end up back in Cleveland next week for lunch.

After this we went and looked at frozen Lake Erie for about ten minutes, then went to the Mac store and Crate and Barrel before heading back to the apartment for pizza.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Long Exposure, Short Drive. Columbus Drive By.

On the drive up to Cleveland Friday night I got a little bored as we passed through Columbus. I think I was driving Mark a little crazy with these. I had to hold camera pressed between the dashboard and windshield to keep it steady for however long I left the shutter open. Then when I would look at the image I would get really excited and say looooook and hold the camera up so he could see, and yes he was driving.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cleveland Rocks (although it is very, very cold)

After a long very busy week Mark and I are relaxing in Cleveland with Adam and Kendra this Presidents Day weekend. Pictures coming soon.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Inclement Weather

Every Valentine's Day in Cincinnati there has either been a huge freezing rain and snow storm or there is going to be one very soon. It looks like this year we're only going to get a mild one. Monday night and yesterday it snowed then rained, then snowed, then rained.... forever. Because the university had been prepared campus wasn't that hazardous during morning classes, but around noon because the rain kept falling all of the side walks were covered in ice. Everyone was trying their hardest not to fall while trying to look completely normal while keep their legs stiff and arms out to their side for balance. At 2pm the email was sent out that campus was closing at 3pm due to icy conditions. From there on out light snow has continued to fall, but not enough for anything to build up in the high traffic areas.

Last year the big storm came during the night of the twelfth and everyone woke up to find inches of ice covering everything on the thirteenth. I remember this because it has been one year since my sister lost her friend Natale. The ice caused a very large tree branch to fall on her while she was in her front yard. I usually enjoy our Valentine Week storms, they are a break from the normal. This year the weather is only one more thing to remind me of the loss we all suffered last year.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Another really cool thing in my state I had no idea about.

While looking for some Indie Craft shows TealTown Ink could attend over the summer that are not in San Fransisco (although that would be lovely) I found a link to Ohio Knitting Mills in Cleveland Ohio. Founded in 1928 it was the countries largest knitted wear producers. It hit its peak in the 40's and after WWII took samples of each style they produced from the 40's through the 60's and put them in storage. Now they are selling those pieces.

I would love to spend a day looking through all of these clothes. It looks like they only have a store in Brooklyn and we don't plan on visiting there for a while so I guess I will have to wait and settle with looking at their on-line catalog.

Coffee Stained

While Donna was here on Saturday we stopped by the little antique shop Uptown, as she was getting ready to check out I noticed that they had type writer key bracelets. I have wanted one for a while but haven't seen them anywhere but the internet where they were over priced.

I could try these on, but they too were over priced. I left it on the counter where I found it. Maybe everyone else will think they are over priced too and I can buy one when she cuts the price.... and I have a job.

I did find this one on Etsy, which I think is much more reasonably priced, I still don't have that job though so I guess I will have to let this one go as well.

Monday, February 11, 2008

They think I am delightful

I would like to direct you attention to the newest button I can proudly display. Teal Town is now listed along side so many other great blogs over at Delightful Blogs! You can also vote and rate blogs over there I know there are plenty of blogs that deserve your attention so feel free to let them know which one your like.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Please someone take this...

Mark and I have been trying to figure out what we should do with my old mattress since we got married. For many months it sat behind the closed door of the middle room, then we made that space in to the studio and the mattress was moved out in to the garage. After trying to donate it to no avail we decided to throw it away, which neither Mark or I felt very good about.
About twenty minutes after throwing it out on the curb our neighbor rang the doorbell asking if she could have it. Why Sure! We carried it over to her house for her and thanked her for taking it. She thanked us for letting her have it and everyone felt good.


We got one of those new designs up and ready for your veiwing pleasure over at TealTown Ink.

This is Mark's design. It makes me think maybe he should be the one in Art School.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Just what the facts is

For my first photo project of the semester I have to take a picture of a dream, and me being me I decided to go all out. I wanted a large landscape scene that I could place a fairs wheel, and myself in.

Taking inspiration from Carl Warner's Foodscapes I have decided to create my own landscape using food and whatever else I can find that fits in. I went to the grocery store a couple weeks ago and messed around with this idea and I got a pretty good landscape out of it. But as a work more on the image I realize it would be much better for me to set everything up that I possibly can in one scene instead of everything having its own layer.

So this weekend I plan on taking time out to set up a new landscape including my new fairs wheel that Mark and I spent Saturday night putting together eating pizza and Watching Flight of the Concords.

Here is when he super glued his finger too the base of it.

If any one has any genius ideas of stuff I could use let me know.


I can't stop looking at these.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

TealTown Ink Studios Update

Slowly very, very, very slowly I am updating the product photos over at TealTown Ink. It is all a matter of waiting for a day nice enough we can still feel comfortable if we go outside. Considering southern Ohio is nothing but a big gray, wet, despairing place this time of year that might not be for a while.

Mark and I have also been working on some new designs. The pie poster seems to have set off a couple more ideas for tee's involving wonderful foods from bacon to cheese.

We have also sold a couple of curtain orders lately and after a couple weeks of frustration with everything from customer satisfaction to the printing process we were ready to retire them from our shop for good. However, because of all the prints we have had to make these past weeks we are now printing large chandeliers like pro's. The latest set looks amazing. So we decided to keep them up, but upped the price because we have also learned they are a wee bit harder to print then we originally thought.

More reasons to love Etsy

When I couldn't sleep last night I found some pretty awesome things on Etsy.

Janicej's Stone & Co
MundoGominola's Romantic Love Print
Lottiefrank's Never Enough Shopping
Sycamore Street Press' Be Mine Valnetine
Lanis Vintage's Be Charming

Day Before Super Tuesday Conversations

"Is tomorrow Super Tuesday?"

"Every Tuesday is Super Tuesday...... living with you."

"You couldn't even get all the way through that could you?"

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Heart Shaped Cakes, Owls, and Guitar Hero

I have had a busy weekend.

On Saturday my family came up to have a early Valentine's Day celebration. We went out to the Lodge at Hueston Woods for lunch. It was delicious. Emma and I shared the Club Wrap which was tasty and didn't make me feel like I needed a nap after we were done. After lunch we went to the Nature Center to check what kind of Birds they were rehabilitating, and the deer.

This guy was amazing. He was very regal and polite in a I am staring through your soul kind of way.

I think they should come visit more often. They make sitting around the house more fun. Plus, it gives me a reason to clean the house. Which, honestly, I can talk myself in to doing. It is easier if it is for someone else.

I also got about six hours of studio time in this weekend. With my first Ceramics critique on Wednesday I spent a good while in the studio both Saturday and today. I like being able to work on a project at a relaxed pace. I don't want to have to be freaking out about it all weekend just so I can spend all night Tuesday in the studio franticly working on my piece, and then have it look like crap cause I did it at the last minute .