Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Friends and neighbors

We decided to start riding bikes to class for exercise and for fun. Bikes are so fun. Jim let me borrow his to train for the Maumee Valley Tri-Adventure I am going to do next spring with my aunt and maybe Mom. Mark decided he wanted to join in as well. So we called the only people we know who know anything about bikes, Mike's parents. We asked if they had an old bike we could buy off them that would be good for us. Their response was you can have this one. It is Nancy's old bike that is specifically built for women. Mark and I have been taking them out any time we can. They are perfect for UDF milk shake runs and Frisbee golf trips.

I have only had her for two days and I know two things....
1. I love the Franks for donating it to the help Sam be healthy cause, and am glad she has a second chance to be on the road again.
2. I am going to have to get some of those shorts with the extra padding in all the right places.

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