Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Kamal and I got our Graduation Outfits

Today has been crazy! I woke up thinking it was Monday, hoping it was Monday because Tuesday I had crap to get done! Kamal is here today working on the video. He has been here since noon. We also got to pick up our pretty robes and hats! Turns out we get a special sash for graduating during the bicentennial! I also found out that The School of Fine Art's color is brown!? We're in the arts it should be something pretty. Kamal said it is pay back for getting to be a hippie for the last four years.

After that we all stopped at the CAB building to tie up lose ends there. I also switched out my self portrait and food paintings. Time to work on the food painting at home!

PLUS! Remax called yesterday and asked if they could show the house from 6 to 7 today sooo Mark and Kamal paused editing for a bit and came to pick me up from my meeting with Rob around then. We got a quick stop in at Ace and Starbucks. Thank God my class was canceled today.

It's only 8pm right now. Lets see what else I can fit in.

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