Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Perviously ....

Once the warmer months hit I am no good at blogging. I would much rather spend my time outside or relaxing under our ceiling fan. Lots has happened with us these past few weeks. To help me show you I am going to use my favorite iPhone application, ShakeItPhoto, this is the only application I have paid for to date and it was worth all 99 cents.

Mark and I both found amazing jobs with a Cincinnati Videography Studio Lifetime Video. We celebrated with ice cream!

I got to spend one of my Saturday mornings with Miss. Jane. We watched Dora, ate macaroni and cheese and played with my computer.

I finally found mint green nail polish! My favorite.

We have been visiting the apple store to play with the new iPads.

Mark graduated and everyone came to town to see it.


Plus Adam, Kendra and Cora!

We finally found our own place, and yes it has a claw foot tub!

The place was a little dirty so we had to venture out in the rain to buy a whole bunch of new cleaning stuff. I have never been so excited to buy cleaning stuff.

And then the sun came out again ...

Which always means its time for Speedway Slushies!

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