Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cover Girl Don't Cover Boy - Drag Queen Documentary

In Columbus, Ohio, Rob Harper prepares to take the stage of Axis Night Club for the last time. A collection of the areas best drag performers, including girls from the National Pageant and Entertainer of the Year competitions, have come to say goodbye to Rob, known in the drag world as Dee Ranged. Each performer sits down for an interview about what it means to be a drag queen, the paths that led them to the stage, and how drag culture influences their every day lives.

Produced by Kamal Hiresh, Mark Roberts and Samantha Roberts during their time at Miami University of Ohio, 'Cover Girl Don't Cover Boy' presents drag queens and their culture from the point of view of curious outsiders, and brings to light the artistry and theatre of drag that is often overlooked in favor of a more simplistic reading.

Featured Performers:
Virginia West
Dee Ranged
Nina West
Akasha O'Hara Lords

Filmed November 5th, 2009. 
Online release February 2011.

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