Friday, March 14, 2008

Sometimes she reminds me why I love her so.

Last weekend Mark printed some t-shirts for Emma to sell at the school's Third Grade Bazaar. They let all of the third graders bring in their goods and give them fake money to spend. At the end of the year they can buy things like Red's tickets or a 50 pound Hersey Bar if they choose to save up. Haley sold baked goods and homemade crayons when she did it. I told Emma to let me know how much the shirts went for. Here is the email I received tonight.....

Dear Mrs. Roberts,

The bird t-shirt sold for $300.
And the you deserve pie sold for $400.Thats a lot
Te wearied (the weird) thing is there was only 3 bids for each.
Oh! My friend wants a pine apple t-shirt if that is not to much trouble.
Almost sprig break! Hows mark. Love you.


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