Thursday, March 6, 2008


Today has been a weird day. In list form...

1. This morning Mark got out of bed before me, soon after I thought I heard him scream. A horrible scream. One that made me believe he was in pain and I was going to find him flat on the floor with a body part cut off. Before I was able to pull myself out of sleep I was out of bed and screaming his name. Because I was still asleep and freaking out the noise that came out of my mouth made me sound like I too was dieing. We met each other in the hall soon saw that nothing was wrong with either and then figured out that I had dreamed the sound of Mark yelling. In my head I can still hear it and it still makes me feel horrible.

2. When I put my contacts in this morning there was something on one which I am pretty sure scratched my eyeball. I left the contact in and went to class, half way though I had to take it out because I couldn't focus on anything but how annoying my eye was. After it was out I couldn't see anything and my eye still hurt. I then looked as though I was winking constantly.

3. We started going over our dream projects in Photography today with half of the classroom lights off, while my seeing was still messed up. That would have been weird any day. (You can see mine at flickr. I tried to upload it here, but it is so large it looked weird.)

4. There is apparently a huge winter storm coming through in the next couple days and people are preparing for the end of the world. At the store tonight everyone had carts full of toilet paper, milk, bread, and Pringles. Mark and I on the other hand walked out with Reese's Eggs and Acrylic paint.

Hmmm I guess thats not really all that weird. But living it was pretty weird.

In good news we sold another pair of curtains tonight. We weren't sure what colors we could offer so we went out to check out our selection.

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