Monday, November 30, 2009


Donna and Jim spent their Thanksgiving break in Texas this year. It wasn't too sad because Donna made the best Thanksgiving EVER the Saturday before they left. It was kind of a bummer that they were gone during both of their birthday's though. So we tried to give them a little birthday surprise for their return home today.

Before all the pretty leaves fell off the trees we went to Old Milford and I got some quick birthday pictures. These have been ready forever but I wanted them to be a surpise. It was really hard not to let everyone see them. I think Jim is looking very George Cloney! Ha. I love how happy they are in them.

(His George face)


I also made them some funfetti cupcakes and used Elsie's cupcake quote bubbles to make them super cute! I changed the color from Thanksgiving Brown to Birthday Fun Pink!

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