Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holiday Festivities.

I told Mark and my sisters that at the beginning of the semester Thanksgiving was always something I could see happening. The thought of After Thanksgiving though, didnt exist in my head. I mentally blocked that part out. The part where suddenly The End is more real and looming than ever?! That is where I am at right now so naturally we have been talking a lot about the life plan. As of right now we know two things 1. We want to live in Savannah, Ga. 2. We want to start our own photography and videography studio.

Since we both agreed to work for our friend of all friends Patti the big move has been put on hold. At first I would a little discouraged by this. I wanted something new and exiting. This thanksgiving made me realize we are exactly where we should be right now. I love my sisters too much to move away right now. I would be so sad if I didn't get to be with them while they grow up. Plus I love being able to visit family and running in to them on the streets. Saturday we took the girls to a holiday festival in Old Milford. We ran in to Ellen Ruth behind the counter at a little shop and then Katie, Isac and his mom and sister getting out of their car.

This whole back to Milford thing is new and exciting. No more school! But at the same time perfectly familiar. I love being with family and sometime a little more cold is worth that. Perfect example Saturday Night's Outting. I captured it on my phone for you.

I tried taking a picture of the lights in the trees but I moved the camera to soon.

We were going to get this for Donna, but then we saw how much it was and I was disappointed so I took a picture instead.

If you look closely you can see the horse and carriage!

Here is that muffin before ....

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