Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Second Best Present Ever.

The Wii. This one was also from Donna and Jim. After many months of searching one was finally found and Mark's 2006 Christmas present was complete.

I have been playing Mario Galaxy and Wii Fit lately. Aside from The Disney Princess Game I think WiiFit is the only other game that I have bought for myself. It was the first thing to come out on Wii that I was more excited about than Mark was.

I always feel bad about buying things. Even though I had been reading about WiiFit and counting down the days until it was released, the day it did come out I was unsure if I should really spend that much money on a game. I always do that, I feel guilty about having the privilege to be able to buy something even if it is something I have wanted and put some money away for.

In the end the thing that made me but it was my recent health kick. As of now I think it is more than just a kick and I am hoping I can turn this in to a permanent life style and part of the reason I think I have made it this far is WiiFit. Knowing it is going to hold me accountable for that second whatever totally helps. While I don't play the games as much as I did when I first got it, weighing in everyday it has made me aware of my weight and that helps a lot.

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