Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Dream Scooter

Before Mark got his scooter he talked about scooters and all the cool things he could do if he had a scooter like ride it to class, put blades on it and cut the grass, sleep with it. All those things sounded pretty cool to me, and I thought scooters were pretty awesome but I never really wanted to get one of my own. Until he started talking about planning a camping trip and using the back roads to get to some place pretty. Then I got really excited until I realized that either I couldn't go with him, or I would have to drive by myself in my boring car. So I did something stupid and started looking at scooters and I thought both the Honda Metropolitan and Yamaha Vino were pretty cool, but then I saw that the Vino is coming out in this color this year and I think my heart might have skipped a beat.

Now all I have to do is wait three or four years when someone wants to sell their used one and I have a job.

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