Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Spending the rest of my life in college

We have been messing around with my argoflex and d80, I am not sure I have the right lens to get these to look right. Although, there is something I like about these fuzzy bright scenes.

This is my bag filled with portfolios that need to be graded.

Today concluded my first five week beginning photo class that I have been teaching this semester. I was asked if I would like to teach it right before the school year started I said yes and didn't have much time to let it sink in.

The teacher roll is not my most comfortable one. I am just settling in to being an art student, the fact that I now know enough that Miami University would trust me to teach their students is ... I don't know. Part of me feels like I am tricking them, they think I am qualified and I am playing along.

Before my students left today I asked them to write down somethings they liked about the course and somethings that they thought I could improve on. I don't know what I was expecting to get back. The consensus seemed to be that I had explained everything clearly and they really liked the one on one instruction I gave if they didn't understand something right away. Which immediately made me feel better. My biggest fear the whole time was that they had been politely nodding while I was showing them how do develop and print, but when I turned my back they were looking at each other mouthing "WTF"?!

Before the class started I had never thought about teaching photography, when I was asked to teach I thought maybe this was the beginning of a new career path. During these past five weeks I had so many doubts about my ability to explain things clearly and lead the class in a organized and fluid direction I decided I was never going to teach again after this semester. Now that I have a stack of papers telling me otherwise who knows?

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