Monday, April 20, 2009


I have been posting lately but havent had any time to talk about what has been happening around here. Because there is a lot I am going to do this in list format

1. I was sick. I didn't do anything but sleep for a week and when I got up I was so tired I couldn't make myself get anything done. But now I am better and slowly checking things off of my to do list. It is amazing how much easier it is to complete things when you aren't sick.

The view from the urgent care room I spent all day in

2. Mark taped his first wedding! He is working on editing right now.
3. I was nominated to be a part of the Student Show Case in the art building so a bunch of my stuff was hung up in the lobby.Not all of that is mine, just the stuff on the left.

4.Our little garden is growing very nicely. I can almost taste the fresh peppers already!

5. The weather turned wonderful for a couple of day so Mark and I were finally able to get out an run, which always makes me feel so much better. I don't think Mark is to the point where he can enjoy it but he keeps going back out with me.

6. I volunteered to photograph the MS Walk this past Saturday. The weather was perfect and I meet some great people. Photos coming later.

7. We got another person who would like us to tape and photograph his newest product for him soooo tomorrow we are going to film people using "The Shot Bong".

8. I screen printed my first four color process print.

I love school. There is no way I would have learned how to do that anywhere else. It is a huge pain in the butt and so cool when it is done.

9. We've got two weeks left of class and I know I will get everything done that I need to, but right now I dont feel like that day will ever get here.

10. We needed a change, something fun, something little so we brought the mattress out to the living room and have been watching movies, reading, crafting and napping. It has been so nice and relaxing. There is a celing fan in the living room. I love sleeping with a ceiling fan overhead.

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  1. I'm sorry you have been sick! The print is really neat! Good job! :-)