Friday, April 3, 2009

Speaking of Tea

My friend has this amazing tea travel mug thing. We have our first class together every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. She always has it but I never took the time to examine it until last week. It is a travel mug with a special tea infusion thingy that makes it so you can put your lose leaf tea in (which I have a BUNCH of) and just go. All it really is, is a mesh wire thing that blocks the tea from getting to the lid. GENIUS!

I looked it up tonight and apparently it is part of some big diet thing where you are supposed to drink this tea in the morning and that tea in the evening and then do three circles after every four sips. Whatever. I don't want their Teavalize tea, I just want the mug... which when I finally found it was pricey. Of course. Maybe I should just McGiver my own.

1 comment:

  1. what are three circles...hmmmmm like hula hoop or something?