Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day Test Run

We got out of Oxford for a bit on Saturday and did a run through of relaxing, silly day with yummy food for the next day.

We stopped at a Stakery and Crepes Restaurant with a gold mine of kitchy art on the walls. I wanted to take pictures but it was so dark I needed to use the table to steady my camera and I couldnt find a good shot with my lazy woman's tri-pod. As you can tell from this next image Mark was in major need of some food by the time we got there.

After that we decided to drive down to our favorite Goodwill and brows and found this chair for $12!

How awesome is that?! I love the flower details. Right now I am working on getting it painted white then I will teach myself how to reupholster something. Before I started painting it I snapped this to remember today by....


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