Monday, October 8, 2007

It's True

Yesterday Mark's coworker asked him if he really enjoyed being twenty and married in that tone of voice that says you really can't enjoy being twenty and married because that is disgusting. The thing about Mark and me is that we are not normal, we never have been. We do not enjoy the things the stereotypes of our age group says we should enjoy. I have always believed stereotypes are there for a reason and this is in no way not the case. Most college aged people are really, really, really annoying and enjoy doing stupid things.
I'm not saying that Mark and I aren't really annoying. I hope we aren't, but I think I might be a little biased in making that judgment so I will leave it up to everyone else. Annoying or not we do not fit in to our college crowd. We enjoy having the house off campus out where none of the parties are to be found, every time we see our with friend the overwhelming urge to be drinking does not over come us. No. We do not have any interest in a game of Beer Pong. Yes. We enjoy being married at twenty.... Oh! and for our honeymoon we totally went to Walt Disney World.

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  1. Hello,Samantha.
    I love reading your text.
    You have your own sence of value.
    It's so beautiful for me.

    Congrats for opening your shop!
    You are so artistic person!!:)

    Always thank you for visiting my blog!:)