Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Undecided no longer

As I was walking out of the art building tonight I slung my portfolio over my back and I realized that I was finally that girl I wanted to be. Before I was an art major I was a journalism major, then an education major, then just an English major, then back to journalism. I had a small crisis when I started college where I could not commit to one thing and I wasnt ready to do what I really wanted to do. Every time I went by the art building and some stylish girl walked out with her portfolio in tow my eyes would follow her down the side walk. I tried to imagine what her class was like she had just left and how cool it must be to have your schedule loaded down with studios. Tonight for the first time I realized I am finally exactly who I want to be, I even have a pretty new plaid trench coat to cover the stylish aspect.
Here is Mark and my latest creation. Victoria on the front of a hand tea stained t-shirt. I think she is pretty cool.

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  1. ZOMG, Victoria is almost as sexy as you are ;)