Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I need a good trashy romance novel

Mark and I had a pretty bad day yesterday. The kind of day that spills over and ruins the rest of your week. There is no way I could have come up with this idea unless I was feeling truly crappy. Thank God for Mac's with their one plug, and wireless internet. I don't care what anyone says I love Steve Jobs.

We missed last weeks Grey's Anatomy so when I got home from my night class we snuggled down in to bed with our Taco Bell dinner and watched last weeks Grey's on my computer. If we lived in a sitcom this episode would have ended with us snugled in with eachother and our Taco Bell and Daniel Powter drowning out all of the noises in our world only to fade out into the credits.

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  1. I found your blog following a link from 8ounce. That's the best kind of comforting evening - TV, fast food, a bundly blanket and your beloved to share it with. Great story!!