Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Stories 2007

Mark waiting for search and rescue to show up.

On the way to Grandmother's house for a delicous meal this Thanksgiving our car broke down. It has been acting weird for a while and finally tuckered out 40 minutes outside of town. I would like to point out there was only 40 minutes until Thanksgiving lunch was scheduled to commence. WE WERE PERFECTLY ON TIME! I am never on time. Dad drove out to pick us up. He got in and it immediately started up. We switched cars and he was able to get it about ten minutes out side of town before he decided he didn't want to deal with it. We left it sitting on the side of the road and headed for turkey, stuffing, and a bathroom.
The next morning Mom went with Dad to check it out. She credits herself for fixing it because she is the one who insisted they put gas in it and see what would happen. It started right up. Well I could have fixed that problem if the gas gage had told me THERE WAS NO GAS LEFT! Oh well. It will be a nice story to tell our children about our first Thanksgiving we had as married people.

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  1. That first one was my best David Duchovny pouty face. I think I'll leave it up to the expert.