Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Flickr love

If I remember correctly Cormac Phelan was the first person to add me as a contact on flick way back when I got my pro account and started taking it seriously. Lately I have slipped, but that is only because this semester was strictly film and I knew if I carried both my D80 and film camera around I would only take pictures with the D80. But now the semester if over and I am free to use whatever I want. There should be steady updates to my flickr account coming soon.

Anyway, back to Mr. Phelan. He has been doing some amazing things with his Lomo camera lately. I too have a Lomo L-CA, unfortunately it never worked. It was used and a gamble when I bought it, now it is just a nice display for my vintage camera shelf in the kitchen. The images are making me think about trying to get it fixed.

This is how I want my dreams to look

And it turns out that he lives in Dublin. He even has a whole set of Dublin pictures. Mark and I maybe headed there next summer and I really don't know anything about the city or the country. These pictures help.

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