Saturday, December 1, 2007


Tonight was my side of the families annual decorating the tree night. Some years ago my Mom and Dad decided they wanted to make a tradition out of making a huge deal out of decorating the tree. The day includes picking out the tree, getting it home, a feast and then the decorating of the tree. The menu always includes Roast Beef, Crab Legs or Lobster and baby Cokes. This year Mom, because she knew how much Mark loves them, added in cheesy potatoes. It was truly wonderful. We did have a little mishap at the beginning of the meal where Dad knocked over his coke in to my cheesy potatoes with the basket of Crab Legs. I saw it coming and could do nothing but make a stupid face as the holy trinity of our Christmas tree decorating night collided together in to my plate. Dad rescued his coke and I mopped it out of my potatoes and all was well again.
We did have to drive back to school tonight because of the huge amount of work we both have to get done, but having a break to enjoy family and good food helped. Plus! When I got home there was a message in my in box congratulating me that someone had bought a Teal Town original Silhouette Scarf! Every sale we make is exciting, but for me this was completly my own creation. I told Mark what I wanted to do and he made the screen for me, but it was my idea from step one to the end. Everything else on the site I have only helped him create.

This scarf was all me and someone liked it enough to buy it! Today turned out pretty good if you ask me.

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