Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Let It Be

I bought my Lomo LC-A three or four years ago off of ebay before they went out of production and became insanely expensive. It never worked right when I got it and when a couple of rolls of film turn out blank it was demoted to decoration. I got it out a couple days ago to see if I could figure out what was wrong. The shutter wasn't opening.

After an operation I got the shutter actually working. It's not 100%, I have to firmly tap the camera on my palm before I take any picture just to make sure that it will open. I took a roll of film and took it to Kroger to get the film processed. I tried to figure out what I got by looking at the film, but I have no idea how color film works so when I scanned this in the other night I was a little surprised. Lomos are popular because of the distortions it gives images, but this was way beyond anything I had seen before.

After a talk with my professor I have decided to roll with this. After all I wanted the pictures to be up to chance. I seriously have no idea how any picture is going to look when I am taking it. I guess we'll see if I can let myself go enough to actually use this. Maybe I should do a couple pages out of my Wreck This Journal to give me some confidence.

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