Friday, April 18, 2008

I love Oxford in the Morning.

I did not know this when I started Ceramics but firing a Kiln takes f...o...r...e....v...e.....r two days actually. And there are a whole bunch of different shifts that have to be taken care of in the course of those two days. I got the 8am shift today, sucktacular, I fell asleep last night thinking about how much it was going to suck when my alarm went off 30 minutes early. It did suck, lots, but when I got to Hiestand (right behind Shriver) I kinda liked it. The light was perfect, and the trees were in full bloom, and their were no annoying art kids hanging out around the fountain. Quiet and pretty, it made me wish that I could get up everyday at 8 and go for a run or get some homework done to enjoy this quiet time of day. And I though I could do it, I could totally do it.

I wont. I have always said I would do it, but I wont. I hate getting up in the morning, it always sounds good the night before but when that alarm goes off it is the worst thing ever. I have two more projects to fire before the end of the semester, maybe I will have one more day of getting up at 8am. Other than the danger of my pieces exploding I am not sure there is much else that can get me out of bed that early.

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