Thursday, April 3, 2008

With our collective forces we form a vortex of creativity.

We needed a way to display out shirts at the craft show. Kendra and I came up with the brilliant idea of vintage suit cases a couple months ago, and over spring break Mark and I found some, she found some, and Donna gave us some. We had plenty amazing looking suit cases.... on the outside. On the inside they were covered with fabric, most of which has been water damaged over the years. And all of them smelled like... old.

Easter Sunday we had another brilliant idea.

Rip out the fabric and cover the insides with something pretty. This is the one we did on Sunday using Donna's collection of beautiful card stock. The other ones Mark and I did at home were covered in Comic books, maps, and old Playboy adds. All of them looked amazing by themselves, and with our shirts tumbling out of them.

Unfortunately when we got to the show we soon realized that we were not going to be able to use them how we wanted. The wind was too strong and kept snapping them shut. The only one that worked was the broken one. They did create a lovely wind barrier though. For the most part they kept our shirts on the tables.

It didn't turn out exactly how we had expected, but they did look great and were a big help. Plus it was a lot of fun pasting everything to them.

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