Thursday, June 5, 2008


The past couple days the tri-state has had a constant line of storms coming in. Tuesday the channel nine weather guy informed us that the worst of the weather was headed straight for us and if we live around where we live it might be a good idea to take cover.

I was freaking out. Mark on the other hand found the whole thing annoying. He really didn't want to have to spend all night in the bathroom. The thunder was pretty scary, but other than that nothing to horrible happened.

Last night another storm came through, the weather guy didn't tell us to take cover, this one seemed a lot worse to me. Sheets of rain were pouring down, the wind was really heavy, and the thunder was just a little scary. I was talking to Kendra on the computer when the storm was coming in. When the lights started flickering I let her know I was probably going to loose power soon, and that is when the lights started doing this.....

See what I mean about the thunder?

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