Saturday, June 28, 2008

Oxford, the new severe thunder storm alley

I don't know what is going on this summer but thunder storms keep magically appearing around Liberty and quickly make their way here. The forecast for the next three days is nothing but pop up thunder storms. It's getting kind of annoying. I had just fished picking up all the sticks out of the front yard a couple days ago and about an hour after that we had a crazy 30 second storm pass through. In those 30 seconds huge trees were ripped out of the ground all over the city a couple of cars were totaled, but no one was hurt. It was raining so hard that I could not see a couple feet out of my front window. When the rain passed I saw that huge tree limbs were covering our front yard. Our car managed to survive with out so much as a scratch, even though the largest of the branches fell right next to the brand new front right tire. I think mother nature feels obligated to give us some big shows since the first time a huge storm came through the weathermen told us for sure that Oxford would no longer exist after it passed, and since nothing happened at all she needs to make up for that.

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