Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Our first big idea

Mark and I got another order for some chandelier curtains a couple weeks ago and we have yet to send them out. There are a couple reasons for this

1. Every place we have gone to find white curtains has been sold out of white curtains and only white curtains. Who knew that white curtains were so popular? We sure didn't when we came up with this awesome idea of screen printing curtains. But be warned white and natural colored curtains are no where to be found when you need them.

2. Getting that huge chandelier printed on anything is a big, big pain in the butt. So much so that the red pair of curtains I bought specifically to print the chandelier on is hanging in our front room chandelierless. They look O.K. right now, but I do have to admit they would look awesome if with a big white chandelier silhouette on them. I like things to look awesome, but what we would have to do to make them look awesome sucks so much I have neglected to make my living room look awesome.

So. Yesterday we finally found white curtains. Today we are going to print them. I am going to be stressed out through the whole process, but I am going to suppress it because Mark will have completely lost his mind the second he sees the white curtains stretched out and ironed waiting to have him smear black paint expertly all over them. BUT DONT MESS IT UP! And yes he is going to be the one doing the smearing cause I can't handle that kind of stress so I am going turn on some George Michael and pretend like, heey time to party! A screen printing party! Yay! After all that I will heat set them and we will mail them out proud to be sending out another awesome looking pair of TealTown curtains and continue ignoring the painfully blank red curtains we have to walk by to head out to the post office.

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