Saturday, September 19, 2009


You know when you are young and naive and you think to yourself my husband is never going to snore, every night we are going to drift to sleep together with only the sound of crickets in the background?

Usually I love listening to Mark's soft snoring and trying to figure out what he is dreaming about by interpreting each little noise. But lately he has had some allergy problems and the snoring is much more pronounced so all I can hear now is "I AM A SLEEP YOU ARE NOT....I LOVE TO SLEEP.... SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP.... YOUUUU.....ARE.... NOOOOT...AAASLEEP.........AND I AM," I then do my signature move of flopping over a little to energetically to wake him up just enough to stop the snoring but not enough to bring him all the way out of sleep. If that doesn't work I snuggle up next to him and scratch his back or run my fingers through his hair until he wakes up a little. And if that doesn't work, like it hasn't been lately, I wake him up and ask him to roll on his side. This is the conversation that follows:

"I wasn't snoring."

"Yes you were."

"No. I wasn't even asleep."

"You were snoring I promise and then I asked you to roll over..."


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