Thursday, December 16, 2010

Our Snowy Street

This is our first winter in the apartment, and now that we have a little space heater we move from room to room with us to keep it toasty, I am enjoying it a lot more. I love how much our street changes with the seasons and they are all beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. We are happy campers.

 I asked Mark if we could dig out and go to the grocery today. I was craving "the best soup ever" I found the recipe during my art school days and it really is the best soup ever. 

It is  hearty and healthy which is nice, plus there is alway so much left over we can eat for a week (I love this part because I hate to cook). Whenever I took this to the studio and warmed it up everyone came around to find out what was smelling so good. My home cooked food and YES it is delicious thank you!

Check out the recipe here.


  1. We haven't gotten any snow here yet - amazingly, last week was freezing, and then the weekend it warmed up to the 50s as it rained several inches, and then went back to dry and freezing. Thanks, ocean for keeping the weather milder!

    I love hot chocolate on days like that though. Try this -
    We snagged some at their NYC store 2 years ago and it is AMAZING. Thick, rich, hot chocolate mix (basically just delicious chocolate shavings that melt into gooey milky goodness). It's expensive, but so yummy!

  2. I love this post! LOVE LOVE LOVE----and Rosie...I HEART HOT CHOCOLATE

  3. Rosie - Thanks for the hot chocolate intel. New goal: have a cup in some romantic place.

    K- Thanks! I did it because you said you like seeing pictures of our street so thank you for helping me.