Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday's (today's!) Happy List

1. Lilly all wrapped up after bath last night. 

She was wrapped so tight she might have fallen over in to the tree. All I can say is you have never seen anything cuter than a very composed
very lady like bulloxer trying to get herself out of that mess. I may have also laughed, but only for a second.

2. Sydney

I have fallen in love with her blog and her style. 
3. Free Typography Gift Tags

 download via: eat drink chic

4. Our Red Robin Lupper

We have been living on an air mattress for the past.... well, while. Today we bought a brand new proper mattress and it is being delivered tomorrow! We went to celebrate with the Red Robin Crispy Chicken Sandwich and never ending fries. YUM.
5. My new winter coat (it has a hood!)
It is my mother-in-laws and I really do love this coat. She wore it around the streets of Prague when they went. I feel like that makes it extra special. Mostly because it looks like it belongs in Prague. 
Thanks Donna! 


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