Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What Are Your Best Holiday Traditions

Hello there! My family has a bunch of  holiday traditions and I thought I should share a couple because they make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Care to join me?

my family's favorite holiday traditions  
baby cokes
christmas tree decorating night
grandmas cheese ball 
making our gingerbread men stunt doubles
cheesy mashed potatoes 
muppet christmas carol
mexican wedding cookies
video game marathons
martha's eggnog 
christmas day shrimp feast

I am thinking about adding a new holiday tradition to our family's christmas this year. The Annual Holiday Party Photobooth! I was rather perplexed about what to use as a backdrop though. Then Elsie posted this christmas photobooth 1o1 idea  pictured above. They simply use streamers taped to the wall to create a unique background.

I love the internet. This is the perfect solution! It creates a fun holiday feel while needing minimal supplies, which means it is simple, I like simple. 

I am sharing my family's holiday cheer and you can spread your's too! Blog a list of your familys favorite traditions and choose five friends to share with. Ask them to do the same.  Feel free to spread the warmth and fuzziness with me. Copy this challenge into your friends blog comments or twitter and don't forget to leave them a link to your post. 

I would love to see your list please post your links in the comments.