Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Coffee Stained

While Donna was here on Saturday we stopped by the little antique shop Uptown, as she was getting ready to check out I noticed that they had type writer key bracelets. I have wanted one for a while but haven't seen them anywhere but the internet where they were over priced.

I could try these on, but they too were over priced. I left it on the counter where I found it. Maybe everyone else will think they are over priced too and I can buy one when she cuts the price.... and I have a job.

I did find this one on Etsy, which I think is much more reasonably priced, I still don't have that job though so I guess I will have to let this one go as well.


  1. "You do too have a job."

    "Ooh, I do, don't I!"

  2. Yes. Technically I have a job, but it is such an awesome job it doesn't feel like a job.

    Plus, I would be spending 50% of my pay check for one week if I bought that, so what I really meant to say was "real job".