Sunday, February 3, 2008

Heart Shaped Cakes, Owls, and Guitar Hero

I have had a busy weekend.

On Saturday my family came up to have a early Valentine's Day celebration. We went out to the Lodge at Hueston Woods for lunch. It was delicious. Emma and I shared the Club Wrap which was tasty and didn't make me feel like I needed a nap after we were done. After lunch we went to the Nature Center to check what kind of Birds they were rehabilitating, and the deer.

This guy was amazing. He was very regal and polite in a I am staring through your soul kind of way.

I think they should come visit more often. They make sitting around the house more fun. Plus, it gives me a reason to clean the house. Which, honestly, I can talk myself in to doing. It is easier if it is for someone else.

I also got about six hours of studio time in this weekend. With my first Ceramics critique on Wednesday I spent a good while in the studio both Saturday and today. I like being able to work on a project at a relaxed pace. I don't want to have to be freaking out about it all weekend just so I can spend all night Tuesday in the studio franticly working on my piece, and then have it look like crap cause I did it at the last minute .


  1. This has to be the funniest contrast between two pictures I have ever seen.

  2. The owl is not amused in the least bit.