Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Just what the facts is

For my first photo project of the semester I have to take a picture of a dream, and me being me I decided to go all out. I wanted a large landscape scene that I could place a fairs wheel, and myself in.

Taking inspiration from Carl Warner's Foodscapes I have decided to create my own landscape using food and whatever else I can find that fits in. I went to the grocery store a couple weeks ago and messed around with this idea and I got a pretty good landscape out of it. But as a work more on the image I realize it would be much better for me to set everything up that I possibly can in one scene instead of everything having its own layer.

So this weekend I plan on taking time out to set up a new landscape including my new fairs wheel that Mark and I spent Saturday night putting together eating pizza and Watching Flight of the Concords.

Here is when he super glued his finger too the base of it.

If any one has any genius ideas of stuff I could use let me know.

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