Tuesday, February 5, 2008

TealTown Ink Studios Update

Slowly very, very, very slowly I am updating the product photos over at TealTown Ink. It is all a matter of waiting for a day nice enough we can still feel comfortable if we go outside. Considering southern Ohio is nothing but a big gray, wet, despairing place this time of year that might not be for a while.

Mark and I have also been working on some new designs. The pie poster seems to have set off a couple more ideas for tee's involving wonderful foods from bacon to cheese.

We have also sold a couple of curtain orders lately and after a couple weeks of frustration with everything from customer satisfaction to the printing process we were ready to retire them from our shop for good. However, because of all the prints we have had to make these past weeks we are now printing large chandeliers like pro's. The latest set looks amazing. So we decided to keep them up, but upped the price because we have also learned they are a wee bit harder to print then we originally thought.

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