Friday, September 7, 2007

Big News

Yesterday, or the day before Apple annouced that they will be releasing the ipod touch....... I have no words. Since the introduction of the iphone this is what I have been waiting for. Yes, I totally wanted an iphone, but really all I wanted it for was to be an kick ass ipod. I already have a free cute pink cell phone that gets crappy service from AT&T. I didn't need a $500 ipod phone that would get crappy service from AT&T. But I could totally use a itouch. The first ipod I bought was the third generation ipod (Sparky) back in 2003, and then last spring I bought a pink ishuffle (Coconut).

I always new that the day would come where I would be ready to buy a new ipod. The ipod video was pretty cool, but I new they could do better than that, the iphone confirmed my suspicions. Yet again Apple has created a material object that I feel I can no longer be complete with out.

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