Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Doctor Approved TV Regiment

A couple weeks ago friends of ours invited us over to their apartment complex to use their new fitness room. A fitness room that has a personal TV attached to every single piece of equipment. Since Mark and I only receive two channels here at the house I immediately saw my opportunity to get my daily hour of Stewart & Colbert. We agreed that we would meet over at their apartment just in time for The Daily Show.
I would now like to take the time to point out that our friends are all boys. So. This is me and four boys that decided to do this. Three weeks later I am the only one who still wants to keep this up. In fact despite trying to go every Monday-Thursday for the past weeks we have averaged about two days a week.
When we started this whole thing I thought I would be the one wimping out. Turns out all I needed to exercise was Television. I hate physical strain. It sucks and makes me feel like crap. With a TV in front of me Steven can make me forget that that my knees are killing me and my lungs are burning. The whole running thing. It sucks. But let me watch TV while I am running I'm good to go. Why? Because TV is mind numbing. My very own television on my treadmill is like my very own little brain washing station. There are absolutely no thoughts coming from my own brain. I guess that is why normally I never watch television, that, and the fact we only have two channels. But when it comes to exercising a good dose of nothingness in my head is exactly what I need.

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