Monday, September 17, 2007

The Scrooge of Oxford

If you are an art student at Miami University you are well aware that there is but one art store any where near campus. While there are plenty about twenty minutes from campus its a little hard to drop everything Monday night and take a road trip for one thing you need for your 8am Tuesday morning. Can you say Monopoly? It's not so much that the dude who owns the store jacks up the prices like a Mother Fucker. You gotta earn a living and lets face it Miami University is not a place where there is a surplus of arty folks. What really bugs me about being forced to give the owner business is that while he is ripping you off he is a complete ass. He has not once smiled at me as I forked over 50 cents per negative sheet (thats a lot), or all those times I gave him 5 dollars for each roll of film that only contained 24 exposures. In fact he has been rather rude as if he is looking at me with total disgust.
I don't know if it is because he is a stuck up art snob who believes that you aren't a real art student unless you buy all of your clothes from Good Will, refuse to cut your hair, wear a crazy hat with some weird sun glasses, oh and also wear a scarf. Which I have plenty of friends who fall under this category of art student and I love them. Our fashion differences do not make me less of an art student then they are or vise versa. Of course it could be that the dudly owner is just your run of the mill pissy ass old man? In either case I would appreciate it if he could be visited by three spirits that will lead him in to the path of happiness and a full life.

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