Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Once more with happiness

While we were home over the weekend Mark downloaded something that took 5 second, when we got back to our house he downloaded it on to his computer and it took 13 minutes, literally. So I once again had to call be put on hold for 30 minutes (40 minutes less than last time) to be told they could do nothing for me over the phone and would have to send a guy out.

He showed up early, was very happy and cheerful and explained everything he was doing completely reset up our network for us and now the internet is working how it should. Not how I was expecting things to turn out. After four different guys coming out pissed off that they had to do something and not doing anything I was sure this was going to be more of the same. I am glad to find out the cable company isn't completely full of lazy jerks.

When he walked in the first thing he said was "Wii Fit ALRIGHT!" after looking around he asked, "are you an artist"? I must be doing something right if he can tell I am an artist by just looking around the house.

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