Tuesday, October 7, 2008

True Love

Almost all of my classes require me to turn in a sketch book at the end of the semester. I have been trying to find the perfect sketchbook for me. Last semester I bought a Moleskin and I liked it. But it wasn't great. I really liked the size but the hard cover is a little too restricting and the type of paper that was in it wasn't the best.

This semester I bought a large Strathmore sketch pad. And I like the large paper for brain storming, plus it is very heavy paper so nothing bleeds through to the other side. However, it is really inconvenient to carry around with me all the time, so when I have a great idea I don't have anywhere to write it down.

I think next I am going to try out this Fabriano Classic Artist's Journal. These have way more pages in them, plus I like the idea of the altering cream and white color pages.

I think everyone had their perfect match when it comes to sketchbooks. Mine is still out there somewhere waiting for me to find it.

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