Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Appliance Uptight

We have been married for two weeks and two days now, but we have been living in this house for eight months. Gasp, yes... living in sin. I was really worried there for a while because I had no desire what so ever to have anything to do with cooking for those eight months. We lived off angel hair pasta and Classico's Four Cheese sauce for at least four of those eight months. The rest of them we ate as all college students should. Pizza and cereal. My dreams of being Little Mrs. House Wife were beginning to quickly diminish. While, yes, I want my own career and to be recognized for me and not just Mark's wife, or Little Jimmy's Mom. I also as a women feel the need to have a clean house and be able to cook a edible meal that consist of more than just two ingredient and 20 minutes work time tops.
Turns out I am not housewife challenged, I just need my kitchen to be filled with fancy things before I feel like being in it. When I say "fancy" I mean, while they were very much appreciated, not those old baking trays that Mark's mom no longer wanted. Or the crappy wooden spoons I got from WalMart for a $1.29 that gave me splinters. This also makes me realize yet again I would not have lasted on the Oregon Trail. Since I need a George Foreman to make me feel addiquit in the kitchen I am sure my family would have been dead long before we got to the part where dysentery got to us.

These past couple days I have been pretty pleased with the meals that are coming out of my kitchen. Tonight we had Angel Hair Pasta with Fresh Tomatoes courtesy of Columbus Foodie. We got our tomatoes from the local "Mini-Farmers Market" that they hold every Tuesday night Up Town. Couldn't find the shallots though, it was delicious even with out them. The perfect cool summer night pasta.

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