Monday, August 13, 2007

From the Tree Tops

As all college students are we are poor. I had hoped after the wedding I would be able to help our situation by finding an upstanding establishment that would be willing to pay me for my services. When it comes to services I am multi-talented. Cooking, cleaning, organizing, listening to people whine about their "problems" with the upstanding establishment, standing on my feet for 8 hours, or sitting on my butt for 8 hours.
However, despite the multitudes of "Now Hiring" signs posted in the windows Up Town no one actually seems to be hiring. I have spent many hours in the past few days filling out applications. After handing in my well written and meticulously thought out two pages I go home to wait for two or three days, after which I call where ever I have happened to currently be begging for a job. I am quickly informed that they are done hiring where they would need me. Oh. I'm. Sorry. But. Probably. That.... would have been a nice thing to know before I took the time to fill out your stupid application that forced me to think critically about my favorite color, and what I enjoy about coffee.

After a busy day of not finding a job Mark and I went out on the town where I completed assignment three from Superhero Journal.

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  1. The simplicity makes it so lovely. Just like love can be.