Friday, August 31, 2007

Miami Metro

I love riding the bus. There is something calming about it for me. Last year was our first year on campus and we did everything we could to avoid the bus. Parked in distant parking lots, suffered unbelievably outrageous parking fines, and constantly feed parking meters. Basically it was nothing but a big pain in the ass to have a car on campus.
This year we have embraced the bus. I have one night class and usually Mark drives out to pick me up after since this involves no parking. But this week he was at work so I headed over to the bus stop and enjoyed the night air. We live just on the edge of campus so it took a while to get to where I needed to be and that was O.K. I didn't have to worry about traffic or which way would get me home the fastest. I just sat back and got some reading done. I must say I really do love riding the bus.

About the photo:
Even though it looks decades old I took it last Monday. I'm back to using film for my photography class and wanted to find out what I could do with my crappy scanner and my film negatives.

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