Saturday, August 25, 2007

My Universe

It was so hot today that while I was walking around campus asphalt melted to my shoes. Not stuck. Melted. Literally adhered itself to my shoes. I had to ply it off with my thumb nail and when I was done there was gooey residue of the melted tar coating my thumb.

So while I am going through out my day I am thinking. O.K. Winter is going to be here soon. I need to get some new sweat shirts. And winter shirts. Oh, and I need to get one of those sweater shavers. Man that girl looks really cute in just a pair of jeans and a black shirt. I should buy some plain black shirts and white shirts. Go for that classic look this winter. But if I do that I need to get a lint roller. Black loses all of its appeal if it is growing fuzzies.

This is what I am thinking as I walking around in 104 degree weather. Not why the shit is that girl wearing jeans and a black shirt when it is 104 degrees outside? Or, I really need to get one of those free bottles of water the university has placed in huge bins of ice all in "five spots through out the campus" to keep students from dropping like flies, because if they didn't they end up in the news looking all bad because they didn't care enough to keep their students well hydrated. Even though it is a university so 17/18 should reasonably be the youngest age of an enrolled student, and don't you think by now they should now how to take care of themselves?

Nope. None of that is what I am thinking. Until... I go back and think about my day and tell myself what should have been running through my head. What can I say? The two things I was born doing well have always been a) planning a head and b) constantly arguing with myself about my own.... everything. Actually, that is probably what I was doing while I was being born. O.K. I gotta get some food....... Shouldn't you be more worried about this whole birthing thing that is going on right now?

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