Monday, August 20, 2007

Fall Semester 2007

Classes have resumed and I am tired. On the first day every professor has to go over their syllabus with their students and all of them feel the need to include a "Class Objective" section, it uses words such as organize, develop, and prioritize. In short it is a mission statement for the class. So I thought I would come up with my own Semester Objectives. They say if write your goals down you are some percentage more likely to achieve them.

Fall Semester 2007 should be enjoyed. I will no longer think of sleep as a wonderful/holy experience/blissful state etc. and therefore not feel the need to be asleep for 80% of the day. I will also develop a correct sleeping habit and make it to all of my classes on time. I will also organize my to do list making homework and unfinished projects my priority. X-Files, and flickr can be indulged in after all school work is completed. I also resolve to have more tea, as it has been found to relieve stress. On top of all of this I will have fun this semester and enjoy college life.

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