Monday, January 14, 2008

I hate not being wonderful at everything.

Because I am crazy and in some weird way aspire to be Martha I decided that I wanted our wedding invitations addressed in hand written calligraphy. I didn't want to pay to have this done. So. I located a lovely woman about 20 minute from our house who gave me a crash in the "simplest" font, and handed me a catalog with all of the supplies circled that I needed.

By the time I was done with all of the envelopes I was well on my way to being.... almost talented. Then I got married and forgot all about it. I discovered one of my test sheets yesterday where I had written random letters repeatedly, everyones name, and random things like "love", "ce'st beau", "Miami University", "Cincinnati", and "booger". It looked prettier than I remembered.

I have decided this semester I am going to spend a large amount of time working on my calligraphy and drawing skills. I have never had much confidence in working with my hands, which means I have never pushed myself. I hated my Drawing 1 class last semester because I felt that everything I turned in was ... crap. I hate not being able to turn in something that I at least like a little bit. My professor was more than generous with my grades. This semester even if I am not satisfied with my work I want to know that I tried. Really, really tried. Who knows, maybe I can figure a way to work calligraphy in to my final piece?

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